Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hammer House of Horror and...Jeanette Winterson!

Kelley just pointed this out to me. As she says, "Wow, this is all kinds of...well, you'll see!"

From Deadline Hollywood:

The reinvigoration of the legendary British film brand Hammer now includes Jeanette Winterson, the award-winning British author. She's writing an original novella for the new Hammer imprint to be published summer 2011. Arrow Books (Random House) plans to publish 6 Hammer novels a year beginning spring 2011. However, Hammer’s first film release in over 30 years, Let Me In, made an inauspicious U.S. start last weekend for Overture/Relativity. Next up is The Resident, starring Hilary Swank, which is still looking for a U.S. distributor. Meanwhile, Daniel Radcliffe is currently shooting Hammer's The Woman In Black on location in the UK.

I loved Hammer House of Horror films as a wee thing in England. They had that delicious, cheesy, scary wickedness that my parents disapproved of. (Think Dracula meets M.R. James meets swingers in mini-dresses. Ooooh!) I used to watch the films on Saturday nights with my little sister when my parents and older sisters were all out doing Grown Up stuff. And we'd frighten ourselves half to death. I can hardly wait to see what they'll do with books. I think I might want to write one...

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