Sunday, August 8, 2010

What books built

Today I'm flying to Los Angeles and won't be back until 16th. I may or may not be popping in to say to hello while I'm away--but my guess is not.

So here's something to ruminate on while I'm away, an article about a mind-blowing building--a bit like a medieval tower--built of books:

We've covered Matej Kren's amazing feats of book-stacking before, and now his largest book installation to date is on display in Italy at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna (MAMbo). The piece, entitled "Scanner," is a gigantic tunnel of books that is meant to inspire reflection, impose greatness, and confuse perspective. Decked out with mirrors and thousands of books, "Scanner" is a new read on how we experience place.

It seemed appropriate, given that I'll be building something bookish, too: the scaffolding for a whole new generation of queer writers and writing. Exciting times!

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