Thursday, July 29, 2010

Live in LA? Want access to private queer writers' evening in return for one airport pickup on Sunday Aug 8th?

On Tuesday, 10th August the faculty of the LLF Emerging Voices Retreat (me, Ellery Washington, Ellen Bass) are doing a special reading and ho-holds-barred Q&A session for the Writing Fellows. You could be there, too--mingle with this small group--if you're willing to pick up a couple of people from the LA airport on Sunday 8th August and drive them to Bel Air.

Who will you be picking up? Me and Kelley. We're pleasant passengers (though we will be stunned by hours of travel) and you would have our gratitude. Plus, y'know, access to the coolest private queer lit evening eva!

So if you live in LA, are free for a couple of hours the afternoon of August 8th, and have a car that can fit two people and their luggage, give me a shout. Please save us from the horror of cabs and airport shuttles!

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