Monday, July 26, 2010

Health update

Because, y'know, news about one woman's mild summer virus is vital to the nation's well-being. Or so you'd think judging by the questions coming my way.

So, here it is: I'm feeling better--at least my throat is. I've moved into the cough-at-anything-that-moves stage. I'm not getting much done--but, hey, that's okay. I'll just drowse in the sun and read my crappy free Kindle books and occasionally fuss over the perbs.

Speaking of which, here's another gratuitous perb shot:

(Yeah, it's blurred. That's what happens when you try take pictures while coughing.)

I don't think the dill is a herb at all. I think it's a magic beanstalk. We keep cutting it down and using it (works brilliantly in potato salad) and it keeps aiming for the sky. The basil is just so good it makes me laugh with delight (I'm stunned by the difference in makes in tomato soup, especially with a slosh of cream), as is the marjoram and thyme. And the sage is aromatic deliciousness. The mint, though--well, we bought the wrong kind. It'll work as an ornamental ground cover but as a foodstuff, not so much. And the parsley, I dunno. Oh, it tastes fine, but the lower leaves keep turning yellow. Not sure what the problem is. Anyone out there know?

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