Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The literary agent, role and payment, plus more Clarion photos

There's an interesting conversation going on at the moment about the role of the literary agent and how they could/should get paid. (Colleen Lindsay, who started it, has a good summary here.) This, and the role of the editor and publisher in a changing publishing landscape, is something I want to talk about in depth at some point soon. But I thought you might enjoy the convo meanwhile.

Our friend Mark has posted more photos from Clarion. If you want to see me wearing glasses, hair still wet from the shower, if you want to see me and Kelley gazing in stupefaction at the t-shirts we had made, if you want to see Tim Powers, Lisa Goldstein, Chip Delany, Stan Robinson Kate Wilhelm and Damon Knight 22 years ago, go scroll through them.

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