Sunday, June 20, 2010

Grey and rainy: happy Father's Day!

Tomorrow it's the summer solstice. Seattle still hasn't hit 75° this year. Today it's grey, with the promise of rain, which is a pity because this afternoon we're off to a barbeque in honour (or a barbecue in honor, as Blogger keeps shouting at me, tuh; and apparently the sky should be gray) of the 80th birthday of Kelley's stepfather, Arthur. Eh, there'll be good food and company and plenty of beer--and, as accomplished Seattleites, we all have umbrellas.

I'll be with Arthur in person this afternoon, but I hope Kelley's father, Larry in Nevada, and my dad in Leeds--he'll be 85 later this year, blimey--have fantastic days. (Well, Dad has already had a fab day. He told me so on the phone this morning while I was still half awake...)

Wherever you are, I hope you have a great day, either as a father or with your father. Or, hey, why not both?

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