Wednesday, March 31, 2010

iPad guided tours--check out iBooks

Some links relating to Apple's book plans.

Start with this nifty wee guided tour of iBooks (you'll have to pick iBooks out of the left column menu).

The there's Apple's attempted end-run around Kindle and self-publishing. Unlike BNET, I don't think this is a big deal. Amazon has many arrows in their quiver. Just wait.

Also, some stuff about Apple's e-book pricing. As I always knew it would, most pricing is going to go where Amazon first pointed.

It's all getting very interesting. The literary future is, as I've said a zillion times, all about e-publishing. The trades (the Big Six) are struggling to keep up. They're failing, in my opinion. Oh, some of them will still be around for years to come (because economies of scale work, and most people still read paper books). But how many? Something's going to give in a couple of years. Amazon is, I think, the only retailer of any size currently growing. (Apple will make two, of course.) As we've seen, Amazon and Apple don't like to play by Big Six rules.

In other words, publishing is unstable. Fault lines are shifting. Earthquakes are coming. As always, I'll be watching with interest.

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