Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Women's Barracks, Karla Jay, types of editing

Three things for you to look at today.

Independent article about Tereska Torres, reluctant queen of lesbian fiction. "Few authors are credited with creating an entirely new genre. One writer who can make that claim, to her great dismay, is the French novelist, Tereska Torres. In France, she is known as the author of 12 serious and well-regarded books. To the rest of the world, she is the mother of lesbian-erotic pulp fiction." Oh, I remember that book: wonderful lurid cover. Heart-thumping juiciness. Now she's rewriting it. (via @LambdaLiterary)

Empathy, Not Apathy, an open letter by Karla Jay to her students. "Where have we failed you? [...] I wonder why you, my beloved students in women’s and gender studies at Pace University, aren’t out at the barricades in the fight against the interminable wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, widespread genocidal acts against women, the lack of equality for the queer community and evildoing by the banking industry." Personally, I think she's not only wrong, but taking entirely too much responsibility. (again, via @LambdaLiterary -- why aren't you following yet?)

So many different kind of edits! My post at Sterling Editing: "A prospective client asked how on earth she could tell which of our editing services was right for her. There are so many kinds! she said. And she’s right: there are as many kinds of editing as there are writers. To make things even more confusing, every writer also needs different sorts of editing at different stages of their project. Also, different kinds of editing are more helpful at different phases of your writing career." It turns out I love the strategic review, that is, manuscript assessment, best. Kelley, on the other hands, prefers develomental editing. Go see. (And, hey, follow @sterlingediting while you're at it.)

Happy Tuesday.

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