Sunday, February 7, 2010

some updatery

I've had some big things to deal with this week, which I'll talk about another time. Maybe. Plus I've been working on the new LLF website, which is going to be brilliant--but isn't quite yet because it needs work. Which is what I've been doing. This week. If you haven't filled in our survey about what you'd like to see from a Lambda Literary website, please do that here. (Absolutely and totally working now: glitch-free, woo-hoo!)

Meanwhile, I've updated my not-for-polite company post about Amazon/Macmillan. Don't believe anyone who tells you Macmillan won this one. Though of course writers were the real losers. Again.

And up at Sterling Editing there's a list of links of interest to emerging writers.

I never watch the Super Bowl. I find American football mystifying. Oh, the rules are easy enough (duh) but I don't understand why anyone finds it interesting. I love the idiot-humour commercials, though. So tomorrow = a good day. You'll find my giggling at my desk while Kelley rolls her eyes.

Also, I got my hair cut. I always feel much better when I don't look like a shaggy dog. Like Aud, I'm an anti-Samson. And K learnt to make oatmeal cookies. I think I may become corpulent...

Reading-wise, the last month or so has been split between, on the one hand, focusing on stuff like web accessibility guidelines and usability issues, and, on the other, the gulping of zero-intellectual challenge entertainments. Perhaps I'll get round to discussing a couple of those soon.

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