Sunday, February 14, 2010

Facebook for spies

A couple of weeks ago, I read a funny article in the Economist, "Yammering away at the office." (The Economist is often funny, really) It was part of their special report on social networking. (I love their Special Reports, particularly Technology Quarterly.)

Anyway, this article mentioned something called A-Space:

The recent unsuccessful attempt by a terrorist to blow up an American aircraft in flight has highlighted the need for better information-sharing among security agencies. To improve matters, the intelligence community is developing a system called A-Space, a sort of Facebook for spies that holds profiles of analysts from various agencies and allows them to contact one another and to share large amounts of text, graphics, images and videos.

I thought, Oooh, what a cool idea, then, ten seconds later, Hang on, you mean they haven't been sharing?!

Which led to me going on a rant (while K put on a fond smile and drifted off to some internal landscape) about how stupid people can be and how the world hangs by a thread, a thread! But then, eh, we drank wine and pretty soon I, too, had a fond smile on my face.

Which is just my long-way-round of getting to this: I feel extraordinarily fond of Kelley, and, hey, it's Valentine's Day, and no, I don't care that it's an artificial holiday designed to make card companies and florists rich. In our house we take every single opportunity to delight in life and each other. I hope you have a delicious day. We will.

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