Saturday, February 27, 2010

Change: royalties and momentous events

Yesterday, GalleyCat had a story that caught my eye:

In a series of memos today, Random House, Inc. announced some wide-ranging changes at the company. Nina von Moltke, Random House's VP of Corporate Development, will now serve as VP of Digital Publishing Development--overseeing some restructuring in the company.

CEO Markus Dohle explained the transition: "Aside from her new task of supporting the development of our digital content offerings across the divisions, Nina will also oversee the Random House Audio Publishing and Fodor's Travel Groups. Both groups provide excellent models of successfully transitioning from analog to digital businesses, and I know that they and our traditional trade publishing groups will benefit by having them integrated into the corporate-level digital publishing team."

Look at the language. Publishing is no longer 'publishing' (norm) and 'digital publishing' (outlier/other) it is 'analog' and 'digital' business. Publishing is now using the terminology of the digerati.

It caught my eye because yesterday was, for me, an historic event. For the first time, one of my regular royalty cheques (from, you guessed it, a Random imprint) was more ebook than pbook: $190 to $140, respectively.

The world is changing...

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