Thursday, December 17, 2009

gorgeous pix to help queer writers

Jennifer Durham has made a splendid offer to help the Lambda Literary Foundation raise money:

Any calendar which is purchased from this point forward, I will donate $3 from the profits to LLF.

And anyone who orders 4 or more calendars will get one free.

Get 'em while they’re hot! Still time for delivery before Dec. 24th!

Go look at the pictures, feel the little muscles at the back of your neck relax. Stretch. Smile. Tell me which one you like best. I like February and October a lot, and January. All that space...

Go buy one (note there are two shipping options). A new generation of LGBT writers will thank you. Also readers, and experienced writers, and publishers, and critics, and distributors, and librarians, and bookseller, and editors, and agents, and book designers, and, well, you tell me: who have I left out?

[Addendum: what do you think of the giving categories for LLF? Jennifer D. thinks they're boring. I bet we could liven them up a bit--for our own amusement, at least.]

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