Saturday, November 14, 2009

my awesomeness grows

My novelette "It Take Two" has just been selected for a Year's Best anthology (more on that another time) and here's the most recent mention of it, from Abigail Nussbaum:

The best story in the anthology is Nicola Griffith's "It Takes Two," in which a female executive for a high tech company struggling to overcome the boys' club atmosphere in her profession ends up hacking her brain to get ahead in business. Despite a shaky premise, "It Takes Two" is a meaty story that comments intelligently on several thorny issues.

Also, I'm feeling very pleased because the cheque for that story arrived yesterday. If you want to add to my royalties, go buy Eclipse 3, the book it's in. I'll be grateful (but probably not as grateful as you...)

Also just out (I think--haven't actually seen it yet, but I'm guessing that's because I haven't been to the PO Box for a week) is my wee squibbish rant about sexuality in science fiction, "Hard Takes Soft, Again," in Science Fiction Studies. I'll talk more about that when I see it.

Why am I so full of myself today? Well, being awesome agrees with me, but what agrees with me even more is sleep, and I spent half of Thursday and most of yesterday just nodding out. Plus I slept hard both nights, so now my batteries are topped off and the air around my head is crackling.

I'm going to need that energy: Hild is heating up and Lambda Literary Foundation will have a big announcement on Monday. Watch this space.

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