Thursday, August 13, 2009

reminder about K day at Author Central

On Saturday it's Kelley's turn in the spotlight at Author Central. Authors they've had so far:

8/1 Alfred Bester
8/2 William Tenn (Phillip Klass)
8/3 Gene Wolfe
8/4 E.T.A. Hoffman
8/5 Norman Spinrad
8/6 Lucy Sussex
8/7 Robert J. Sawyer
8/8 Phillip Reeve
8/9 Ian McDonald
8/10 Ken MacLeod
8/11 Dan Simmons
8/12 S.M. Stirling

Tomorrow it's James Blish. (I wish I could have met him. I loved his work--both fiction and in his critical persona as William Atheling.) Then it's Kelley. So prep your anecdotes, pictures, and favourite quotes. See you there.

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