Sunday, June 21, 2009

I need a goaticon!

(I actually like this goat better, by Brad Fitzpatrick, but my budget won't stretch anymore this month.)

Anyone out there good with animation? I need an icon of a goat butting something: doof! I'd like to append it to emails and blog comments and Tweets.

I've reached my limit of being reasonable with turnip heads. I want to just grab them by the lapels, nut them, drop them, and walk away. Instead of one of those twirly smiley emoticons I need a goat that just leaps out at you and butts you in the face: doof! I think the recipient would get the message. And I wouldn't even have to say anything. Think of all the extra writing I'd get done if I could just sent a goaticon and call it good.

Instead of, Oh, no, really, your whingeing little complaint about my novel or blog post or attitude in general, is perfectly reasonable and I'll listen and change my behaviour and, gosh, have you ever considered looking at it from this perspective? I could just nut them and walk off. Or, y'know, sent a goaticon.

I'm liking this idea very much. Anyone willing to barter some skills?

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