Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday audio: Storm

This is another cover: me singing 'Storm', a Carmel song I fell stone in love with 25 years ago:

(direct link)

Carmel, the singer, lives--or did, last time I was paying attention--in France. For some reason, when I was 23 I felt an affinity for her music. I knew nothing about her (didn't read magazines, didn't have a TV, it was before the Internet). Halfway through writing this post, I stopped to look her up on Wikipedia, and discovered she went to Catholic school in Scunthorpe (not far from Hull). Sunny Scunny (that's a joke--miserable, miserable fucking city, not unlike Hull itself). No wonder I sense a kinship. And then there's the whole ex-pat thing (and singing out of tune...) thing going on.

Anyway, I searched but couldn't find any video of 'Storm,' but here's another song from the same era, 'More More More'. Pay attention to the background; it's either Sunny Scunny or Hull (or, as everyone calls it, 'ull):

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