Wednesday, November 12, 2008

vitamin D handy for apocalypse

Cholecalciferol by Calvero, from Wikipedia

I could have sworn I saw this news about vitamin D somewhere months ago...

Radiological health expert Daniel Hayes, Ph.D., of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene suggests that a form of vitamin D could be one of our body's main protections against damage from low levels of radiation. Writing in the International Journal of Low Radiation, Hayes explains that calcitriol, the active form of vitamin D, may protect us from background radiation and could be used as a safe protective agent before or after a low-level nuclear incident.

...but perhaps I'm just having deja vu. Autumn does that to me. We've had two days of drifting rain here. The world looks rather dreamy. Another few days of this and perhaps it will become dreary, but at the moment it feels otherworldly. Which fits my needs: I'm about to buckle down to an introductory essay for a new edition of Leigh Brackett's Sword of Rhiannon, a fab planetary romance set on a future (and past) Mars.

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