Tuesday, November 4, 2008

non-violence works

Uh, just in case we need this today because of turmoil at the polls, here's a study, reported in, about the effectiveness of non-violent resistance.

Nonviolent resistance is not only the morally superior choice. It is also twice as effective as the violent variety.

That's the startling and reassuring discovery by Maria Stephan and Erica Chenoweth, who analyzed an astonishing 323 resistance campaigns from 1900 to 2006.

"Our findings show that major nonviolent campaigns have achieved success 53 percent of the time, compared with 26 percent for violent resistance campaigns," the authors note in the journal International Security. (The study is available as a PDF file at

Thanks, Cindy

I love the fact that people investigate this stuff. I'm having a day where I'm proud to belong to the human race.

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