Sunday, November 9, 2008


Kelley's dad and stepmum are visiting this weekend, which prompted me to pull my finger out and get a few things done around the house. One of those things was putting up some more pictures in my office. (For pictures of how my office used to look, see this post.) So here for your delectation and delight are more pix of my office space.

First, and most excitingly, is a print I only got last week, a gift from the photographer, Jennifer Durham:

It replaces the watercolour I've had for years (which is now in what I grandly refer to as the yoga room). This beautiful print is called "Lunula," because that crescent of water reminded me of the armour lunula that some branches of the military used to wear on their breasts, the reminder of breastplates. Jennifer's website will show you a much (much) better version than my shaky and uncomposed snapshot. We also have another of her prints, the one of the slice of light over the sea in Oregon. That hangs in the living room. Truly gorgeous.

On the wall under the window are now a couple of poster boards sent by my publishers to book shops to advertise readings. I love these things. (Shameless egobeast that I am.) In the middle is the one and only review I've ever had in comix form:

And here, just because, is yet another view of those bloody trees through the window. As you can see, the leaves (those that are left) have changed again.

Last of all, a shot of the wall you didn't get to see last time, this one with a print of Whitby Abbey on it.

So that's it, the latest iteration of my working space.

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