Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday audio: Always

So I learnt something this week: doing a reading with a hangover is not easy. Still, for you, dear reader, I struggled through the toxic fatigue and misery (it was actually a very, very mild hangover--I'm older and wiser and drink less when excited these days because I know, I finally get it, that there is a tomorrow, and actions have consequences).

So here is an 8-minute chunk of Always, in which Aud goes to Kick's house hoping to be forgiven after a quarrel. Enjoy.

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This reading got me into a lot of trouble at a suburban Borders, when a seven-year-old child wandered from the cafe into the reading and stood picking his nose as I approached the, ah, climactic scene. I had to edit in my head as I read. It was...interesting. The community liaison manager was unhappy. It was a tedious evening--hiss and crackle of espresso machines, announcements over the PA, people coming and going through the main entrance (right by the reading area). I don't think I'll accept anymore invitations to chain store events.

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