Sunday, November 23, 2008

don't snort the rainforest

Cocaine use is so not green:

Not that this comes as any surprise to those who read our Guide to Green Drug Use, but the cocaine habit -- indulged by a great many white collar urbanites -- is potentially the most destructive thing you can do to the environment from the comfort of you own livingroom -- or your favorite nightclub. According to Columbia's Vice President: each gram of cocaine snorted in the developed world equals the destruction of 4 square meters of the world's precious rainforests. Ouch.

Thanks, Cindy.

So many drug users are holier-than-thou about purity: organic macrobiotic diets, green this, eco that. I'm delighted, finally, to have a response (apart from the usual, You know that eating a raw, grown-only-five-miles-away carrot won't help you when the crap your heroin is cut with destroys your vascular system? which never seems to make an impact).

And four square meters is a lot. How many zillion bugs alone could be saved if you just didn't snort that line?

Oh, and while I'm ranting against holier-than-thou Green Gits, let me say this: stop fucking burning wood in your fireplaces. I can't breathe. The particulate matter is killing me--killing a lot of other things, too, I should think. And it's bloody inefficient. Just stop it.

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