Monday, November 3, 2008

groovy gadget!

Blimey! I've just read a review of the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen in Creative Screenwriting. I would have *killed* for this gadget in my school days, or when I was interviewing people for articles for Southern Voice (and, oh, today that feels like another lifetime...). It looks seriously, seriously gadgety. An excellent toy. Take notes, draw pictures, record, play music, translate--all searchable and downloadable. Or maybe it could even work to take book notes. Currently I do notes on 3x5 index cards, or the back of envelopes, in the margins of magazines, pages torn out of other people's notebooks, legal pads, beermats, etc., then I pile them all in folders and can never find them again. But imagine if I had them all organised and searchable... It's like an opium dream.

And you can draw a keyboard and play the fucking keyboard! You can record a phone interview while taking notes! You can draw pictures and upload them, whap! Wow. I really want one of these to play with. Want want want.

Now if it only used wi-fi, and made sandwiches, and cooked dinner...

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