Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday audio: Ammonite

Today's audio is 6:49 of Ammonite: the scene where Marghe is in Ollfoss striking the gong, trying to make some decisions. If you haven't read the book, it will make no sense at all. (But I have no pity. It's a paperback. Don't be cheap.) I recorded this one yesterday afternoon, immediately after a massage (still stinky with that lavender oil that gets on everything), which is a very strange state for what is, essentially, a performance. Let me know what you think:

(direct link)

There's another, longish scene I'm contemplating from Ammonite, and two scenes from Slow River, and two from Always. But I think I might get one from each novel in the can before going back and doing a second from any of them. (Dither, dither.) At some point, too, I want to convert an old, battered audio tape of a live Janes Plane performance into digital and see if I can use any of it. It was an atrocious performance (I'd just got back from the UK equivalent of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, and had a violent stomach bug that meant I had to keep leaving the stage to find a bathroom--but, hey, they had bathrooms: more than the fucking cap in Somerset had...). Also, not everything was going through the soundboard so the mix is super specially atrocious. It may be that no one, ever, gets to hear it.

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