Sunday, October 19, 2008

Aud lives inside others

From: Anita

Just wanted to tell you how much i enjoyed the Aud Trilogy... I DID get the ending of Stay and loved the melancholy it conjured. The thing i wanted to share with you is this... after reading Always this past few days i find i hear Aud’s (or your) voice in my minds ear, narrating life... no not in some weird schizophrenic way, but there is this resonance that has worn off yet… I also find myself going wide around corners. I was a psych major, so the information you share about the physiology of danger and fear as well as the metamorphosis of Aud’s personality is enormously intriguing. Thanks for these gifts… I remember the stories in a similar way as i think of my own life experiences, this Aud character I once knew… very impactful…

Thank you. That's what I was talking about in my post about mirror neurons, about owning the reader for a while. When we read a good novel we recreate the experience of the character inside ourselves--their experience feels as real as our own. I'm delighted my novels did that for you. It's thrilling to think Aud literally lives inside others.

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