Saturday, September 20, 2008

Party for sale!

This just in from Payseur and Schmidt:

Payseur & Schmidt Mailing List Sale!

Because we appreciate all of our fans out there, we're having a mailing list-only sale! Until October 11, the following Payseur & Schmidt projects will be on sale:

Paul DiFilippo/Jim Woodring: Cosmocopia: $50
Nicola Griffith: ANWAGTHAP: $50
John Clute: The Darkening Garden: $35

All prices include delivery. In order to take advantage of this sale, submit your order directly through PayPal (NOT via our website) to Indicate in the message field which books that you are ordering. A great chance to grab a few projects that you may have missed!

I have everything P&S have ever printed, and it's all fabulous, especially, ahem, a certain memoir. And if you don't know about And Now We Are Going to Have a Party: Liner Notes to a Writer's Early Life, well, go take a look at the tidbits such as videos of me reading, exerpts, photos of all the deliciousness, interviews, reviews, and more, all conveniently gathered here. I think $50 is an excellent price and, hey, it's autumn any minute now, and after autumn comes the holiday season...

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