Monday, August 25, 2008

law enforcement

From Jo Ann

My girlfriend, after listening to a book review of one of your works on NPR felt compelled enough to buy The Blue Place and Stay for me. I usually don't even pick up the "lesbian tough chick" books, as I bore easily with the obligatory lesbian drama subplot that usually overshadows the actual plot, however, she insisted. I found I could not put The Blue Place down, and then had to immediately start Stay.

Since its years later after you completed Stay, but you do encourage us, your faithful reader, to provide you with comments to correct inaccuracies, you may have already heard...

A Glock handgun does not have an external safety to "flick" off.

I loved Stay and have now ordered Always. Can't wait to start.

You may be less than thrilled to know that I am a police officer. I read some of the blog of a "run-in" with law enforcement and it seemed to be one sided. I'd like to converse more on your perception of cops if you would give me the opportunity.

Seeing the abundance of correspondence you get, I don't expect to get a reply. I guess I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful articulation of a character that held me.

Here are some direct quotes from my comments on the blog post I assume you're referring to: "I've met many people in various branches of law enforcement and most of them are very nice. But they have a job to do, and their goals are sometimes at odds with those they're questioning." "Most law enforcement people are fine, upstanding (etc.) officers of the law, but it only takes a handful of less than fine, upstanding (etc.) to turn a citizen sour." "In this country, I've had nothing but good experiences but, still, I'm wary." My apologies if you find that offensive in some way but if you do, I'd suggest that in this instance you're leaping to unwarranted conclusions. I have nothing against anyone working in law enforcement (in this country). But, yes, I'm happy to chat more about this. I'll look forward to it.

I'm delighted you liked The Blue Place and Stay and look forward, too, to seeing what you think of Always. It delights me to hear that I didn't get the cop stuff utterly wrong. I know I screwed up with the Glock, though. I just made a bunch of assumptions; it's embarrassing. Anyway, since then I've been to the firing range and had a happy time making my ears ring (even with the ear protection) blowing holes in a paper target with a Glock 17. And a S+W .38. And a couple of other things. I liked the S+W best. (Kelley liked the Glock.) Mind you, I also liked the precision of the .22. Like a little scalpel. I can see why mob hitters used to use it for close-in work.

I couldn't agree more about the 'lesbian tough chick' genre and dyke drama. Tuh. I've never understood angst, either in life or in art. To me it's pretty simple: if you want something/one, go get it/her. If you fail, move on. If you succeed, enjoy. It's not rocket science.

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