Wednesday, August 13, 2008

good times and bad and MS

From: Patti

One thing that emerged from the interview that you rarely address in your Ask Nicola blog is how MS affects your life. After reading And Now We Are Going To Have A Party, I thought maybe it was your British upbringing that causes you to downplay it so. So perhaps it's the 'right, let's get on with it' attitude that keeps you pushing through the good times and bad?

Maybe it is--though sometimes, for a day or two, I don't push on, I give up. And maybe I sometimes just don't want to talk about it in public. Here are a few reasons why.

MS takes up a lot of space in my life. Right now I don't want to give it more by dwelling on it in this forum.

Illness is tedious. I realise that many people (Patti, this is not aimed at you, but at all the people who love to buy those memoirs of degradation and failure and heartbreak) love to wallow in their own squalor and adversity, but I don't. I don't drive people to numbness talking about my dreams, either. Or my therapy. (Perhaps that's because I've never had any. I take it out on you poor bastards, ha ha.)

That river in Egypt has its uses. La la la.

Also, it turns out I have talked about it--many times. A cursory search* of my website turns up these posts and of this blog turns up these. And for now I'm done. I'll let you know if that changes.

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