Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday audio: Bare Hands

I was going to do a reading but after yesterday's screed I thought we could all do with a bit of music. This is a song written in 1982. (The whole thing is copyright Janes Plane; I'd release it under a Creative Commons licence but band members have long since gone their separate ways, I can't find everyone to make a new agreement, and we own it collectively--so, please, with this one, just behave. I listen to it now and yearn to fix it--a few too many choruses, I think--but, oh, I loved singing that song for an audience. Loved it.

This was recorded in Bridlington, a seaside town in East Yorkshire, at two o'clock in the morning after much drinking. (Hey, it's method singing...) We thought we were going to change the world. Maybe we did, a little.

Enjoy. Oh, and it should be played loud.

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