Saturday, July 19, 2008

high pucker factor

From: Janine

I don't know where else to post this (perhaps there's a better location?) but I thought this would be good for you and everyone else to see. It's my favorite slam poem about teachers as change-agents. I'm a bit biased, being a science teacher. I've listened to some of his other poems, and I have to salute him as another truth-teller.

I also have another question. I have a habit of sub-vocalizing while I read, and not being able to pronounce Kick's last name in Always is driving me crazy. Can you please help? :)

It's a Dutch name. I don't know how the Dutch pronounce it, but I pronounce it something like kigh-per. Thinking about this makes me realise I have a fondness for Dutch names (e.g. Lore Van de Oest, in Slow River).

Perhaps this is because I found Amsterdam to be such a wild and free city when I was there thirty years ago--at least when compared to Hull. And even to the young me it was clear that underneath all the boho relaxation lurked a Calvinist heart, a citizenry with a high pucker factor.)

It's pretty interesting to consider influences this way, so thanks for the question. Oh, and for future reference, the place to send questions is via email: asknicola2 at nicolgriffith dot com.

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