Monday, July 28, 2008

girls-only world

In my very early twenties I thought a women-only world would be fabulous. I don't anymore. Experience has taught me that women are just as _____ (insert adjective of choice) as men. But if you still hanker for girly-world, there's no need to travel to Jeep. Just head north and keep eating those PCBs. Listen to this edition of Living on Earth, or read the transcript. (Thanks, Cindy). This is scary stuff, and it's real:

Only girls are being born in a village in Greenland. Host Steve Curwood turns to Lars Otto Reiersen, of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, to find out what may be behind a growing gender imbalance in babies born around the Arctic Circle.

My mother had five daughters. Her sister had five daughters. Her brother had two daughters. My sister had two daughters. As a family we either have super X chromosomes and/or boy-killer hormones, or, well, we've been eating PCBs.

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