Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday audio: Spawn of Satan

A few years ago, Henry Gee, a senior editor at the science journal, Nature, asked me to contribute a short short story to a series they were doing for the millennium. I pondered, and came up with "Spawn of Satan?" (It was reprinted last year in Futures from Nature, ed. Gee, an inexpensive paperback.)

Anyway, not too long after publication, two things happened. One, I started getting invitations to speak at important reproductive biology conferences (I'm not kidding). Two, the Australian Broadcasting Company decided to do a whole weekend radio special on the future and they asked me to read "Spawn of Satan" as part of their radio broadcast. Here it is. Enjoy.

Oh, and let me please be clear: it's fiction. Please don't ask me to speak as a Knowledgeable Personage at your biology conference. I mean, yes, go ahead, ask me to speak, I love doing that shit, but let me reiterate: I made this up. It's not real.

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