Monday, June 9, 2008

tears tears tears!

From: Ulla

I just finished reading your memoir - the tears haven't dried properly on my cheeks!!! The last page took half-an-hour to read, had to keep drying the tears, you see!

Thanks so much for writing, and publishing, this wonderful story. I think you're a wonderfully strong and clever person. All the drinking and partying and screwing and whatnot was hiding/protecting the writer gem inside!!!

And the wonderful love story!!! I won't even start on that!!!

I more than enjoyed it!!! I loved it, really! It got me laughing and crying - and thinking, quite a lot!

You can use 'Ulla' - I'm not ashamed of my opinions, I know they're very valid in this case anyways! - so my friends know what I'm doing and thinking. Of course they know what I've been reading - I rave about it daily. Incidentally, I've got many of my friends to read your books and they're very grateful! Do you know if they've been translated - into Swedish, maybe?

I had saved the CD for last! You have a really beautiful voice! Ever thought of making a career of it?? I liked the band too, and the lyrics were great!

So, what next? I still have With Her Body but then I'll be waiting for your new novel!

Okay, well, you're going to have to read WHB very, very slowly :)

I have all kinds of possible projects lined up, but the only thing I'm actively working on is the Hild novel, which I won't finish until next year--after which it will be at least another year until publication.

But I'm noodling with many things. I have an essay collection almost ready to go, and a short story collection almost ready to. The key word here is 'almost'. I've no idea what publisher I'd sell them to (selling them as a pair would be perfect) and until I know what I want to do with them I can't motivate myself to take the last couple of steps on the journey.

There are a couple of short stories I'd like to write and/or finish but, again, they're just not burning hot enough for me to want to take my focus off Hild.

I have two or three novels I'd really like to write, but later.

I have at least two scripts based on my own work (original and adaptation) and others (more collaborative) I'd like to play with.

I'd really like to find an agent who could sell my memoir to a trade publisher. I'd had such fabulous responses to it that it seems a shame that so few people can afford the limited edition.

But right now, all I really want to do is have a life and work on Hild. Having said that, of course, I'm used to choosing a path and then finding my world turned upside down somehow shortly thereafter. So I'm kind of braced for change.

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