Sunday, March 30, 2008

nosy question

From: anonymous

Kind of a nosy little The Blue Place the character of Julia is many wonderful things...she also seems to have a somewhat jealous streak in her. Is this reminiscent of Kelley? Just curious...:)

I've been answering questions online for twelve years, and it shouldn't surprise me when some readers confuse 'accessible' and 'mostly amiable' with 'foolish' and 'confessional'. It does, though.

I'm often willing, when asked a truly interesting question, to go deep, to explore and then reveal my personal feelings on a variety of subjects, particularly those related to my work. However, for the record, I don't talk about my sex life, and I certainly don't presume to speak for Kelley. We've been sweeties for almost twenty years and I know her pretty well--but there's just no percentage in putting words in someone else's mouth. But, hey, feel free to ask her yourself.

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