Saturday, March 29, 2008

gum-snapping, pony-riding...

From: Nicola Griffith (

Hello this is just a little note to say we share the same name! Yes my name happens to be Nicola Griffith as well. I hope to find out more about you so until then this is Nicola Griffith saying hello Nicola Griffith.

Okay, I did a search. The only other 'Nicola Griffith' I could find was a pony-riding, tennis-playing schoolgirl. Is that you? Oh, wait, there's a 'bubblegum freak' profile on Yahoo, someone who works at the makeup counter of Bloomingdale's. You? No?

I could spend time digging deeper but, well, you haven't asked me anything interesting, and given that I had to wade through nearly three hundred spam messages to get to this perhaps you'll understand my impatience.

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