Saturday, November 16, 1996

Kelley's short fiction

Where can I find Kelley's books? I've looked everywhere.

She hasn't written a novel. Yet. Her short work can be found in Century #1 ("Alien Jane," which was short-listed for a Nebula Award this year), Pulphouse--both the magazine ("Diamondback Road") and the hardcover anthology ("The Hum of Human Cities"), Little Deaths, ed. Ellen Datlow, ("And Salome Danced"), F&SF ("Strings"), and The Year's Best Lesbian Erotica ("Salome" again). I know I'm biased, but her short work really is very, very good and worth seeking out. "And Salome Danced" was a runner up for the Tiptree Award, and Kelley won an Astraea award based partly on "Alien Jane."


Update: all Kelley's fiction is of course now available in her collection Dangerous Space.

Given the stories I mention, that I don't talk about Solitaire, and that there's no hint of the TV show made from "Alien Jane," (which aired Sept 1998) my guess is that this one is early. So I've used an arbitrary date of November 1996.

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