Friday, April 3, 2009

go spend yourself blind!

"This ain't your Mama's memoir."
-- Malinda Lo,

"A reflection of the mental landscape of an extraordinary writer."
-- Dorothy Allison

"Brave, forthright, illuminating, passionate, rueful, and celebratory."
-- Paul Di Filippo

"Crackles with intelligence, wit, and pathos."
-- Jeff VanderMeer

Remarkable, hypnotic, fiercely honest."
-- Gary Wolfe, Locus

"Doubles as a work of performance art."
-- Colleen Mondor

Yep, they're talking about And Now We Are Going to Have a Party: Liner Notes to a Writer's Early Life, the "do-it-yourself Nicola Griffith home assembly kit," my Lambda-Award-winning multimedia memoir. And when I say multimedia I'm not kidding: essays, scratch 'n' sniff, crayon drawings, bad poetry, good songs, photos, a fold-out poster--everything I could think of to make my story feel to the reader "as if someone we barely knew had taken us up into her attic to rummage around in old trunks while telling fascinating stories about each artifact."1 Not to mention the superlong title that doesn't cost a cent extra.

Well, yes, I hear you say, but the book is nearly 2 years old, so why are you talking about it again now?

Because now you can buy the whole box of delights for the astonishing, astounding, remarkable rock bottom, it's-a-recession price of $35!

To get your copies of this "often funny, and always insightful" compendium, visit the fine people at Payseur & Schmidt who will then send you this "ring of gold," this distillation of a "world we all share that has changed as so many women and queers and deeply unique outlaw voices began to speak all the stories not told before."2

This is gob-smacking value for five volumes of text (yes, five--click on the covers above) plus all those juicy look- feel- and sound-nice things which will evoke/provoke/just plain poke admiration in and from all who see it. Plus, hey, the material costs are now covered (fancy-schmancy stuff like this isn't cheap), and as I'm on a profit-sharing trajectory with P&S, the more you spend, the more I get. Woo hoo! Go spend yourself blind!

To watch me read from the memoir, go here.

To listen to some songs and read an excerpt, go here.

For the big picture (photos of the lovely box and its contents, reviews, preface by Dorothy Allison, and more), go here.

And, again, to buy ** for only $35 ** go here.

Spend spend spend! Party party party! All proceeds will be used wisely. By me. On things like this.


1. Gary Wolfe, Locus
2. Dorothy Allison, preface



  1. I hope this doesn't sound too stupid, but is there any way to get this book without using paypal? I don't paypal, and I won't bore you with why. I do have a credit card, and would like to get my dear one this for her upcoming birthday.

  2. I hope everyone heard the good news about Iowa today!

    Yay for selling more of ANWAGTHAP! I'm thinking of buying some copies for my friends with my tax refund. tee

  3. jennifer from p, I'm sorry, I don't know. Email the publishers (Jacob and Therese) and ask. They're usually happy to work with people, as many people here could probably attest. (Please let me know what they say.)

  4. I've never dealt with Therese, but Jacob is great. It is possible to order from their site and pay via a credit card through PayPal without having an account. It is not possible to send money to someone through PayPal with just their email if you don't have an account.

    One way to do this would be to buy at at the (already on-sale) price of $50 from their website with your credit card. Then they could refund you the $15. Maybe. Email Jacob - he always gets back to me, but not always right away...

  5. I'm thinking these won't last long at this price.

  6. Your happiness is my happiness.